CELIA DORSEY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Bumper Boats, 2024
Porcelain, projection
Installation may vary

Water embodies a multisensory experience, captivating our senses with its symphony of sound, visuals, and tactile sensations: from the crystal clarity of water mirroring the sky above, to the rhythmic cadence of waves crashing against the shore, to the profound silence that envelops us beneath the surface, to the sensation of damp bathing suits clinging to skin after a plunge into icy depths.

For me, working with these tiles is akin to a meditative practice, an intuitive exploration of nostalgia, childhood memories, and the tranquil essence of water.

Since my earliest days, water has been an integral part of my life, weaving through the fabric of my summers. Whether it was the thrill of plunging into the frigid waters off Maine docks during visits to family friends, the structured rhythm of swim lessons at summer camp, or the simple joy of sharing picnics by Vermont's serene watering holes, water has always been a gathering point, a nexus of memories and experiences.

Clay, with its tactile and transformative nature, serves as my artistic medium, enabling me to delve into the intricate relationship between my subject matter and the material itself. Through clay, the fluidity of water finds expression, capturing its essence and the dynamic forces that shape it. Just as water molds landscapes and carves shorelines over time, so too does slip, a counterpart to clay, evoking the gradual weathering of the earth. Projection brings this movement and awe of water to life on the sedentary tiles. In this symbiotic relationship between medium and subject, I find echoes of the human experience, each piece a testament to the ever-evolving interplay between our bodies and the world around us.

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